Michelle Williams Reveals Her and Fiancée Chad Johnson Split Up

Postado Dezembro 08, 2018

Singer Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child has called off her engagement to pastor Chad Johnson.

Williams who also released her album Fearless on the same day she announced the end of her engagement to Johnson, noted that things didn't work out between them as a couple. I don't wanna destroy another relationship.

Their break up comes a month after the couple fell out during a discussion about race in their reality TV show Chad Loves Michelle.

An email seeking comment was sent to her agent.

She wrote: "I still remain fearless". Blessings to him, his family and ministry. Days later, she checked into a rehab facility to treat her depression. It's the second time she and Johnson have broken off the engagement. "In this relationship I didn't have to do that, but I was so ready to fight".

"I said something to him on the lines of 'Well, Chad, because you are not Black you would not understand why I communicate the way I do. Maybe because you didn't grow up around a lot of Black people.' So, that was very, very offensive to Chad", Williams recounts.

"And this is not to justify it, but yesterday when we had the disagreement, he said, 'Did you take your meds today?'" "But people also did not hear when he apologized", she said. We mutually wanted to show our journey to marriage. I know, I know 'Don't do it, ' 'Why in the world would you guys put yourselves out there?' This is an awesome, unique opportunity to show what God is doing!