New Leak Suggests a Far Cry 5 Spin-off

Postado Dezembro 08, 2018

Take a look at the latest Far Cry: New Dawn footage.

Set 17 years after a global nuclear disaster, Far Cry New Dawn drops players into a handsome yet transformed Hope County, Montana - the primary setting of Far Cry 5.

One tidbit that caught our attention is that you can take a companion character with you on expeditions outside of Hope County, Montana.

It's still unclear whether this will be a spinoff of sorts, a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, or an entirely new entry in the Ubisoft series. Among them is another dog, Timber, who could be seen in the reveal trailer for New Dawn.

What's New in "New Dawn"? Along the way, you will gain access to the Homebase, the sanctuary and fortress of the survivors, which can be upgraded to unlock more powerful gear and weapons.

Expect to be attacked by all kinds of mutated wildlife.

The setting, which is reminiscent of Rage 2's color scheme, also looks to be taking inspiration from other post-apocalyptic games like Fallout. It seems players will not only be facing off against human foes but mutated ones as well. A feature called Friend for Hire enables co-op play, allowing players to progress through the game with a buddy. For further ness, keep an eye on Ubisoft's website.

But it isn't just flowers that are populating the revitalised Hope County: a ragtag gang wearing Motocross armour called the Highwaymen have entered the scene, screeching to the fill the void left by the Peggies. Only time will tell.

We won't know if any of this is legit until later today when Ubisoft makes its announcement, but it looks as though New Dawn will be a Far Cry spinoff in the same way Far Cry Primal was.