Obsidian unveils sci-fi RPG that could steal Starfield's thunder

Postado Dezembro 08, 2018

So basically - as a fan - I'm saying that Obsidian's new IP is the game of the games that we're never going to get all wrapped into one conveniently packaged RPG experience! Though numerous games revealed at the event were smaller indie titles or "AA" games, they made up for their lower budgets with unique settings, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and pure passion on the part of the developers speaking about them.

Just as promised, Obsidian took to the stage at The Game Awards this evening to debut its latest RPG- The Outer Worlds.

The game is set on a colonised planet far out in the galaxy. The Outer Worlds doesn't have an indie budget like Pillars of Eternity, nor does it have the scope of an AAA game like Fallout: New Vegas-it's somewhere in the middle. However, based on the 15-minute gameplay demo we've seen so far, the environments look plenty open-ended already - or at least, they do a good job giving you the illusion of being open-ended.

One of The Outer Worlds' more unique features is its "Flaws" system.

In it, you play as a colonist taking on megacorps... or not. "Plus, we have a great team here at Obsidian, and we're making sure The Outer Worlds delivers what players want from a new RPG universe".

Bethesda has yet another new rival as the makers of Fallout: New Vegas reveal the first trailer for their new sci-fi game.

Everything in general looks cleaner and more polished in The Outer Worlds, as there presumably hasn't been a nuclear war and two-hundred years of rust in The Outer Worlds.

Microsoft's acquisition of Obsidian last month won't affect The Outer Worlds' release.