Company recalls candy over possible Hepatitis contamination

Postado Janeiro 10, 2019

The FDA and CDC are not aware of any cases of hepatitis A related to consumption of the sweets at this time.

The FDA is working with Bauer's sweets on a voluntary recall, the agency added, adding the sweets were primarily sold through QVC and the company's website.

The FDA says Bauer's Candies Modjeskas, an individually wrapped marshmallow candy dipped in chocolate or caramel, might be contaminated with Hepatitis A. Customers who purchased any Bauer's Candies Chocolate or Caramel Modjeskas after November 14 should throw the candies away. The president of Bauer's sweets said the company voluntarily discarded all in-house candy, sanitized equipment, and began working with federal and stages agencies after learning about the possible contamination.

The liver infection is caused by the hepatitis A virus, according to the CDC. Hepatitis A is usually spread when a person ingests fecal matter - even in microscopic amounts - from an infected person; this can happen when an infected person prepares food without appropriate hand hygiene, even before that person shows symptoms of illness.

Those infected with hepatitis A may not have symptoms until 15 to 50 days after exposure.

Bauer's Candies Chocolate or Caramel Modjeskas purchased after November 14 should not be eaten, the FDA said. People that bought the candy after November 14 should throw the product away.