Judge dismisses part of Ashley Judd lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein

Postado Janeiro 11, 2019

In it she claimed that she lost out on multiple film roles because of Weinstein, including one in "The Lord of the Rings" franchise.

As previously reported, Judd has claimed that after she rejected Weinstein's sexual advances he blackballed her and director Peter Jackson didn't hire her, thereby hurting her career.

Judd's suit was filed in April.

She claimed he further blacklisted her from other movie roles, too, and eventually sued him under the legal theory of "sexual harassment in a professional relationship".

The decision to dismiss Judd's suit against Weinstein was based on a law that took effect in 2018, which covered relationships between producers and actors.

In a footnote to the ruling Gutierrez said he was not determining whether Judd was sexually harassed by Weinstein "in the colloquial sense of the term".

Ashley Judd can continue with the defamation part of her lawsuit against disgraced former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Gutierrez previously said in September that the law upon which Judd's claim was based "has never before been applied to an employer's sexual harassment of a prospective employee, and the court is not convinced that the statute was meant to cover such harassment".

Despite tossing out the harassment claim, Judge Gutierrez gave Judd the greenlight on moving forward with a civil lawsuit on her defamation claim. Weinstein has denied those allegations.

In an attempt to leave the room, Judd says, she made a "mock bargain" with Weinstein, "suggesting that she would consider letting him touch her only if she won an Academy Award in one of his films".

He added: "While we respectfully disagree with the Court's decision as to the one claim it ruled on today, we look forward to pursuing the three claims for relief that the court has already ruled can move forward". "We believe that we will ultimately prevail on her remaining claim", Weinstein's lawyer Phyllis Kupferstein said in a statement.

Judd appeared in Frida and Crossing Over which were distributed by Weinstein's companies (Miramax and The Weinstein Company) in 2002 and 2009 respectively.

This isn't the first time Judd has had trouble with her sexual harassment claim. In October of 2017-just before the resurgence of the viral #MeToo movement-she recounted the accusations again, this time naming Harvey Weinstein as that mogul.

The disgraced producer - who denies the charges, which were brought by two women - will stand trial in NY later this year.