Watch Dave Grohl chug a beer, then fall off a stage

Postado Janeiro 11, 2019

Here's a great scene that can go in the supposed movie about Dave Grohl's life - at the first Foo Fighters show of 2019, the rocker fell off the damn stage.

The Foo Fighters performed last night at a JBL-sponsored concert during the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas because that's the type of thing they do. He gets the attention of someone standing off camera who hands him a Bud Light.

Grohl tries to position the beer on a speaker so that he can attempt to drink it while his hands are occupied on his guitar. The thirsty frontman then grabbed the can, downed it in one, clambered back on stage. and promptly fell off and into the security pit. The rocker appeared fine and even did a light jog back to his normal position to finish out the show.

Dave Grohl has done it again and fallen in glorious style off a stage.