Amazon Is Launching A Game-Streaming Service, Report Says

Postado Janeiro 12, 2019

Amazon is reportedly developing its own game streaming service.

The service will see Amazon compete with Google - which is now testing its Project Stream service in the United States - as well as Microsoft, which is building its own platform, hardware maker Nvidia, and publisher Electronic Arts.

It makes sense for Amazon to enter this arena, as it's the largest provider of cloud computing services on the planet - ahead of Google and Microsoft by a long shot - and can therefore easily build out the necessary infrastructure to support a demanding game streaming service for users around the world.

Talks have already begun between Amazon and game publishers for this streaming outlet that, at the earliest, would be live sometime next year. "Streaming services represent a potentially significant shift in the games business by, in some cases, eliminating the need for players to purchase expensive hardware, such as consoles or PCs, to run the most elaborate titles", according to The Information.

Should the service pan out, however, Amazon would nearly certainly include it on Amazon Fire TV Edition screens and Amazon Fire TV devices, plus tablets and smartphones.

While Amazon has yet to say anything official on the matter, The Verge has noticed a number of postings that corroborate the rumor - including a position for a Cross Platform Game Engineer and two listings that specifically mention cloud games - but we'll have to wait to hear from Amazon before anything's official.

Amazon hasn't announced any such plans so far or even confirmed the existence of such plans. A fourth listing is after an AI Engineer, to work on a "never before seen kind of game".