HTC VIVE announces updates to its VR portfolio at CES 2019

Postado Janeiro 12, 2019

While most CES showcases have had to with consumers enjoying real-world innovations, HTC has gone virtual with the debut of two new virtual reality (VR) headsets: the Vive Pro Eye, a headset for PC usage; and the Cosmos, a headset and controller package that can be used with either PCs or smartphones. Whether you're new to VR or familiar, a fantastic voyage awaits.

The operations of the Viveport expanded by three-fold in terms of its content, subscribers, and sales in 2018 thanks to the availability of over 1,000 VR gaming content, according to HTC Viveport president Rikard Steiber.

In addition, HTC revealed details on its VivePort Infinity subscription service, which is basically Xbox Game Pass for VR.

HTC teamed up with Major League baseball to demonstrate the eye tracking software with a home run game, which proved popular on the first days of the event.

Vive Pro, built to meet the needs of the professional VR user, just got even better with integrated eye tracking on the new Vive Pro Eye-giving users new levels of accessibility, including gaze-oriented menu navigation and removing the need for controllers.

HTC's second headset, the Vive Pro Eye, is similar to the Cosmos with its dual front-facing cameras, but stands out by including eye-tracking tech. Members will be able access Viveport Infinity across all current and future Vive devices as well as the Oculus Rift and other devices in the Wave Eco-system.

The Vive Cosmos requires no base station allowing owners to use it wherever and whenever they want to, redefining how VR is accessed.

The Vive Pro Eye from HTC will incorporate the use of eye tracking technology.

Probably the most interesting hardware announcement came in the form of the HTC Vive Cosmos which is being described as a "consumer-friendly" headset which will be easier to set up for the average consumer. It will also be the first Vive headset to work with the Vive Reality System that will be a new design experience for VR.

"Introducing Vive Cosmos, a new premium PC VR system, and a vision of the virtual future".