A's are scrambling for last-ditch Kyler Murray plea

Postado Janeiro 14, 2019

But with his football success, rumors have persisted that he will declare for the NFL draft and leave baseball behind.

Murray signed a deal with the A's that allowed him to play the 2018 season as Oklahoma's QB with the idea that he'd report to spring training in February. The A's allowed him to return to the University of Oklahoma, where he put up historic numbers at quarterback and won the Heisman.

Oakland would have to add Murray to its 40-man roster if he signed a major-league contract.

As Passan explains in follow-up tweet, league rules prevent a team from signing a drafted player to an MLB contract straight out of the draft.

It shows how desperate both the league and the A's are to keep Murray as a baseball player.

According to a report from MLB.com, the league sent marketing executives to a meeting between the A's and Murray on Sunday. According to Mike Leslie of WFAA, Murray wants $15 million guaranteed from Oakland otherwise he will enter the NFL Draft.

Perhaps this news will actually hurt Murray's draft stock. The NFL combine begins February 26.

We should know more about Murray's final decision soon.

If Murray picks football, he will have to forfeit his almost $5 million signing bonus from Oakland. While it's totally understandable for Murray to use that leverage to get more money, it's unclear if the A's could even pay Murray more if they wanted to.

At 5-foot-9, he would be the shortest quarterback in the National Football League since Doug Flutie, who was listed at 5-10. With multiple teams reportedly putting first-round grades on Murray, though, and believing they can scheme around his deficiencies in size by taking advantage of his superior athleticism, the prospect of Murray leaving baseball behind is real.