Axios: Trump Scolded Mulvaney in Shutdown Talks

Postado Janeiro 14, 2019

President Trump scolded his new chief of staff Mick Mulvaney during a recent meeting with congressional leaders over the government shutdown, a report said on Sunday.

While the official who spoke to Axios contended that Mulvaney had a positive rapport with the president, a 2015 radio interview resurfaced by CNN's KFile showed that Mulvaney once called Trump's position on the wall "absurd and nearly childish".

The meeting, which took place on January 4 in the White House Situation Room, consisted of Trump restating his demand for $5.7 in funding to build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

A White House official told Axios: "This is an exaggerated account of the exchange that doesn't reflect the good relationship Mulvaney has built over the last two years with the president".

CNN also separately reported on the incident, noting that Mulvaney had been "talking about the offer that Democrats had made to reopen the federal government at $1.3 billion figure, that there was an agreement between Republicans and Democrats until the president changed his mind" at the time.

"You just fu-ed it all up, Mick", Trump told Mulvaney, according to the site.

'As a negotiator, Trump was resetting, ' that source said.

According to Axios, which broke the story Sunday citing sources present at the January 4 meeting in the White House Situation Room, Trump was sticking to his asking price, but Mulvaney was willing to come down. 'Mick was not reading the room or the president'.