Cargo plane crashes in Iran with 10 on board

Postado Janeiro 14, 2019

A Boeing 707 cargo plane crashed in Iran Monday, killing at least eight people on board, according to Iranian state media.

Iranian state TV reports that a cargo plane from Kyrgyzstan has crashed near Tehran.

The plane crashed at Fath Airport when it was meant to land at the nearby Payam International Airport, about 25 miles west of Tehran, the Iranian capital. There was no immediate information on casualties.

The airport is located near Karaj in the central province of Alborz.

"It exited the runway during the landing and caught fire after hitting the wall at the end of the runway", the army.

It says rescue teams, including ambulances and a helicopter, have rushed to the site of the crash.

It showed footage of burning wreckage in a wooded area. However a spokeswoman for the Manas airport in Kyrgyzstan said the plane belonged to Iran's Payam Air.

Images carried by Iran's state-run media showed the burned-out tail of the plane sticking out, surrounding by charred homes.

It was later confirmed it belonged to Iran's air force.

The plane initially reportedly had 10 people on board, but that figure later rose to 16.