New Bottled Brews Delayed By Government Shutdown

Postado Janeiro 14, 2019

Blue Blood Brewing is working on 18 beers for the spring, all of which are now untapped, as they wait for the government to re-open.

Across town at Zipline Brewery, co-founder Tom Wilmoth says he's usually ahead of the game when it comes to getting labels approved but as the shutdown drags on, he's feeling the effects as well.

Paul Gatza of the Brewers Association estimates that half of all craft breweries in the USA find themselves in the same dilemma.

The TTB is closed right now because of the government shutdown. Craig Purser heads the National Beer Wholesalers Association and says large beer makers in the US are also anxious about the bureau being furloughed.

- No tax refunds, no Smithsonian museums, no trash pickups in national parks-and now no new craft beer? That breaks down to over 3,000 applications coming in every week. That's a problem for beermakers like Joe Katchever, owner and brewmaster of Pearl Street Brewery in La Crosse, Wis.

"We can still roll out the beer in draft form", Katchever said.

Williams suspects even after the government reopens, there will be delays due to T.T.B. workers playing catch up.

Now only about a quarter of the state's craft breweries ship beer out of state.

The springtime brew, which was originally planned for February 1 release, is "sitting in our tank now with nowhere to go because our label is in limbo with the TTB", says Atlas Brew Works CEO Justin Cox. I think about all the spring releases that are going to be coming out soon.

PAUL GATZA: Any products that need those government approvals are just kind of frozen on hold.

Owners there say they have a lot to look forward to.

Among the TTB's duties: approving new labels for beer and liquor. "So the opportunity cost of what's sitting in that tank, we're not able to send it out and we're not able to fill that tank back up with another beer".

KIRWAN: And it's not just craft breweries that are being affected by the shutdown. "[It] doesn't matter what the size of the company is; when nobody's answering the phone, the work stops and it really puts the beer industry at a disadvantage", Purser said.