Trump slams Jeff Bezos over affair, calls him Jeff 'Bozo'

Postado Janeiro 14, 2019

The "competitor" Trump was referring to was the National Enquirer - which published a story that exposed damning text messages between Bezos and former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. Bezos bought the Post as an individual in 2013 and Inc. was not involved.

U.S. President Donald Trump coined a new nickname for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Sunday, calling him "Jeff Bozo" in a tweet that praised a story in the National Enquirer and disparaged the Washington Post.

Donald Trump is a vocal critic of Bezos, who once started a viral sensation by suggesting sending the president to space on one of his rockets.

On Thursday, Trump seemed nearly sensitive about the situation, and told reporters of Bezos and the divorce: "I wish him luck". Trump invented a new nickname for the Amazon billionaire, "Jeff Bozo". The president is no stranger to divorce himself, having been married three times, nor is he innocent of using ties to media for personal gain.

In December, the National Enquirer's parent company admitted to paying a woman who alleged an affair with Trump.

Trump has also always been critical towards Bezos, who bought the Washington Post - a publication the President has attacked for its agenda against his administration - in 2013.

The Post published an article last week claiming that Trump was secretive about his meetings with Vladimir Putin, concealing details from senior officials. Trump phoned into Fox News on Saturday night to refute the article, saying: "I'm not keeping anything under wraps, I couldn't care less".

The president also has a history of animosity toward Amazon, which Bezos runs as CEO. The news website Axios reported in March that Trump was "obsessed" with taking down Amazon.

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