Wine first or beer, drinks cost you dear

Postado Fevereiro 08, 2019

Researchers Germany's Witten/Herdecke University split a group of 90 volunteers into three groups.

Glass of wine, beer and whisky on a bar.

The first group drank two-and-a-half pints of lager followed by four large glasses of white wine, and the second group had the same amount but in reverse order.

Scientists investigating the truth of the old saying "beer before wine and you'll feel fine, wine before beer and you'll feel queer" have concluded it is a myth.

The participants were then kept under medical supervision overnight.

How much alcohol does the NHS say we can drink?

The results, published Thursday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, show no difference in the intensity of the hangover brought on by drinking wine first followed by beer or the other way around.

"The truth is that drinking too much of any alcoholic drink is likely to result in a hangover", Köchling said. "The only reliable way of predicting how miserable you'll feel the next day is by how drunk you feel and whether you are sick". You can't cheat your way out of a hangover with a catchy rhyme.

That's the thing about hangovers: If you ignore the red flags while you're drinking, headaches, dehydration, tiredness, sensitivity to light and stomach ailments will ensue.

"Unfortunately, we found that there was no way to avoid the inevitable hangover just by favouring one order over another".

The following week, as if the subjects hadn't been through enough already, the first two groups switched orders, and the third group (the control group) switched their alcohol choice. They were also asked to rate their hangovers the next day.

"Unpleasant as hangovers are, we should remember that they do have one important benefit, at least: they are a protective warning sign that will certainly have aided humans over the ages to change their future behavior", said Dr. Kai Hensel, a senior clinical fellow at the University of Cambridge and senior author of the study, in a statement.