Anthem Post-Launch and Endgame Content Revealed

Postado Fevereiro 09, 2019

Those anxious about Anthem's endgame, BioWare is doing their best to make sure everyone's fears are quelled by not only releasing a new trailer listing down what players can expect once they reach the end of Anthem's campaign, but now, the studio has even released an early Anthem roadmap! Aptly titled "This Is Anthem", the series has focused on, you guessed it, revealing the gameplay all you freelancers will be partaking in later this month. A full breakdown is available on the official Anthem Endgame site.

EA's upcoming video game Anthem now has two demo weekends behind it, but there are still a lot of questions from the fandom about the new, action-packed, high-flying franchise. They're called "the highest-level challenges" that are "longer missions" against "some of the deadliest enemies in the world", and they're rewarded with "some of the best loot in the game".

To start, three extra difficulty modes will be unlocked once you reach pilot level 30, the game's level cap. Certainly makes you sound like an all-powerful warrior when you call a difficulty that. These will be unlocked once you hit level 30, which should be when you beat the game.

The video discusses five different endgame activities for players to engage in-Challenges, contracts, freeplay, strongholds, and cataclysms. Crafting blueprints will also enable you to obtain other gear and personalisation items, with said blueprints, crafting materials and coin earned for completing endgame objectives.

Also central to Anthem's endgame are Cataclysms; limited-time world events which will alter the world and introduce various hazards including powerful creatures and extreme weather. Keep your javelins tuned and ready to go at a moment's notice - you never know when you'll be needed.