Norwegian Air Plane Evacuated After Receiving Threat

Postado Fevereiro 09, 2019

A PASSENGERplane carrying 169 people was forced to land in Sweden after receiving a terrifying mid-air bomb threat.

Johan Beischer, of the Sea and Air Rescue Center, said they received the alarm at 10.39am local time.

Passengers and crew were evacuated and armed special forces attended the scene. Police and local emergency personnel were present at the spot.

"There were 169 passengers on board", Linblad told TT, but was unable to confirm where the passengers were now located, explaining that local police had taken over the incident after the plane landed.

Male swimmer Isak Eliasson told Swedish network SVT that the situation onboard had been 'very calm and the crew were in control.' nearly two hours after landing, passengers were allowed to disembark in groups of roughly 10, SVT reported.

The low-budget carrier later said it had a replacement plane on standby.

Passengers are being interviewed by police in a hangar at the airport, the paper said. He says the threat came in at 10.30 a.m. but could not give further information.

"We can confirm that a bomb threat was directed at a flight from Arlanda to Nice". We note that there are a lot of questions from the media.

"Norway's foremost priority is the safety of our passengers and employees".