Special Chiron Sport Celebrates Bugatti's 110th Anniversary

Postado Fevereiro 09, 2019

The Chiron is, to put it mildly, a rather special auto. In 2019, Bugatti has unveiled this new, limited edition Chiron Sport "110 ans Bugatti". Buyers have been limited to the virtually unchanged "42", which marked the car's record breaking performance, or the far more extreme Divo, which was an even greater departure from the standard vehicle than expected. Ettore's creation had leaf springs at the front and no suspension at the rear at all, while power was provided by a 1.1-litre overhead cam inline-four. The Type 10 was light, small and nimble with an adequate power output - an agile racing vehicle with function following form in an uncompromising way.

The 110 ans Bugatti goes out of its way to celebrate the company's French roots, with the country's tri-colour flag design adorning the wing mirror caps, headrests, seat back rests, 12 o'clock marker on the steering wheel, and the underside of the rear spoiler. The special Chiron gets a body and front constructed from carbon fibre, finished in a matt "Steel Blue" (or should that be - narrows eyes, pouts lips - Blue Steel?) paintjob, along with exposed carbon fibre in steel blue carbon.

Wheels are done in a matte black appropriately called Nocturne, with large French Racing Blue brake calipers, while other metal visual elements receive a similarly dark matte treatment. As a finishing touch, there's a "specially crafted medallion" in the centre console storage bin, made from solid silver. Its successor, the Chiron, on sale for approximately three years now, has begotten the more focused Sport model and the re-bodied Divo, but there had yet to be a true special edition Chiron.

The powertrain is unchanged, but with 1479bhp making 0-62mph possible in 2.6 seconds, it's hardly lacking in thrust is it? The inserts on the cylinder banks are made from aluminium with a clear anodized finish. "The ultimate hyper sports auto from France is still the most powerful, highest-quality, fastest and most comfortable gran turismo in existence - a blend of elegance, quality, unique character and power", says Stephan Winkelmann. Behind the C line, set off by a contrasting colour, the extraordinary engine receives sufficient air for combustion and cooling.