Orange Vanilla Coke Is the First New Flavor In Over 10 Years

Postado Fevereiro 10, 2019

"Expect the Coke version to hit you with more of that orange flavor upon first sniff-and, yep, it's there on the taste, too".

Hitting shelves across the United States from February 25, the new flavor will be available in both the original and Zero Sugar lines.

Soft drinks giant, The Coca-Cola Company are known for their quirky and light-hearted tone aside from the iconic fizzy goodness that is the Coke drink itself.

Orange Vanilla beat out three other flavors when put into consideration for a new launch, rising ahead of raspberry, lemon, and ginger thanks to its combination of orange and vanilla, which was an effort to evoke memories of childhood.

The brilliant minds that brought us New Coke are back at it again with a flavor concoction that is sure to win hearts, minds, tastebuds, dollars, and possibly doctor visits.

Diet Coke has debuted several new flavors in the past year.

Orange Vanilla joins longstanding favorites Vanilla Coke, launched in 2007, and Cherry Coke, which has been on the market since 1985.

Coca-Cola announced Friday it's releasing two new fruit-flavored varieties to its lineup for the first time in more than a decade. In introducing the new Orange Vanilla Coke, it hopes to ensure the Coke brand doesn't begin to feel stale with consumers. I'm still not drinking this Orange Vanilla nonsense, though.