QuadrigaCX: CEO Dies while in India, Indian hospital releases statement

Postado Fevereiro 10, 2019

According to an in-depth research by research firm "Proof of Research", QuadrigaCX acted as a Ponzi scheme.

The Facebook post talked about Cotten's vision and passion but did not mention a word about a sudden complication that had arisen from his death: Gerald William Cotten was the only person to have access to QuadrigaCX's "cold wallets" that stored customers' money.

According to Bloomberg Brian Kladko, a spokesman for the British Columbia Securities Commission, revealed the agency now has no indications QuadrigaCX was "operating as a marketplace or exchange under British Columbia securities laws".

A motion for the appointment of representative counsel for the affected users of QuadrigaCX will be heard in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia at 9:30 on Thursday, February 14.

It encourages Canadians to be more cautious when it comes to investing in crypto assets in trading platforms.

The problem is, Robertson said she can't find his passwords or any business records for the company.

However, not everyone is buying into that story, and some are claiming funds have been transferred out of the accounts since Cotten's death.

Things became even more suspicious after it was revealed that Cotten had filed his last will and testament just 12 days before he died, in which he designated his wife has his only beneficiary as well as the executor of his estates.

In a statement shared with CoinDesk on Thursday, Fortis Escorts said that Cotten was admitted to the hospital on December 8, 2018 at 9:45 p.m. IST (16:15 UTC) and died of cardiac arrest at around 7:26 p.m. IST (13:56 UTC) on December 9, 2018.

They said he had complained of watery stools, vomiting, crampy abdominal pain, and was feeling feverish.

Later it was confirmed that he was a patient of Crohn's disease.

"As Cotton's death was reported in Jaipur-based Fortis Escorts Hospital, there was no point of suspicion at that time".

Apart from a statement by the hospital, a statement of death and a death certificate from the Government of Rajasthan has also been released.

Cotten was also registered as CEO of the company since December 2013.

The next day after being declared dead, police in Jaipur handed Robertson a no objection certificate - a document allowing the collection and transportation of a body - allowing her to fly Cotton's body to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Edwards said he found no evidence of Quadriga controlling any cold storage wallets that held the large amounts the company claims.

Back in October, the exchange was caught in another legal dispute with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce [CIBC], which it accused of withholding and preventing access of funds worth $21.6 million.