'Celebrity Big Brother' 2019: Top 5 Contestants Revealed After Eviction

Postado Fevereiro 11, 2019

This post contains spoilers from the live eviction on Celebrity Big Brother! On tonights CBBUS2 season 2 episode 10 as per the CBS synopsis, "Big Brother is back tonight with a HoH competition".

Kato is out and Tom is back. He can not believe he is in the house. He needs to make some friends, some moves and win HOH. It is down to 7 people. Omarosa is there. She will be running the competition, Celebrity Tumbling Dice. Tamar, seemingly the woman in the middle at the moment, says a prayer for her bunkmates as the game really goes into high gear. The last player left at the end of the game becomes the new HoH, and using his heat-magnet status as competitive fuel, Tom wins again. Dina is selected next to go up against Natalie, who wins. Dina had a hard time. Natalie comes to Tamar with their realization about Kandi, ripping her a new one for good measure. Natalie wins. Now it is down to Tom and Natalie. In exchange for keeping her around, Tom wants Lolo to keep him safe if she wins HoH next. Natalie, Lolo, Tamar, and Ricky are upset and nervous.

Tom meets up with Dina and Kandi separately and quickly so the others don't see. Meanwhile, Lolo and Natalie know where Kandi stands and she is dead to them. "It's real", she says.

Outside of the house, Dina has a special man in her life. Dina tells them no way. Now that we have all that cringe out of the way, Tom decides to meet with his fellow houseguests one by one to figure out his nominations. He tells her that if she is on the block then she can get the veto and save herself. He admits this time he is lying. He counter offers but then Tom is the one who senses something is off.

Natalie gives Kandi the cold shoulder. While Tom is skeptical about what Kandi's motives are, he seems to be open to working with her. Kandi meets with Tom. He thinks about it and admits he may have screwed up the plan.

After it was all over, Eva Marie sat down to talk about her eviction.

It is time. Tom calls everyone together. He nominates Ricky and Natalie.