Embattled Virginia governor: ‘I’m not going anywhere’

Postado Fevereiro 11, 2019

In the interview with the Washington Post, Northam says, "It's been a horrific week for Virginia".

Democratic Del. Patrick Hope tweeted early Monday that he got "an enormous amount of honest and thoughtful feedback" from colleagues after circulating a draft of his impeachment bill, and that he sees that "additional conversations. need to take place before anything is filed".

President Donald Trump has weighed in on the controversy with several tweets.

Virginia governor Ralph Northam has come to his final decision: he will not resign from office over allegations he posed in blackface in a yearbook photo from the mid-1980s.

A digest of the top political stories from the Globe, sent to your inbox Monday-Friday. If they were all to resign over these controversies, Virginia could be led by the Republican Speaker of the House of Delegates, Kirk Cox.

"I know he wants to rehabilitate his reputation and even his sense of what he called his moral compass", Democratic Representative Don Beyer of Virginia said in a separate interview on "Face the Nation". "But he sacrificed so much of his ability to govern effectively".

The majority of African Americans in Virginia due not believe that their embattled Democratic Governor Ralph Northam should step down, according to a new poll.

The tumult in Virginia began late last week, with the discovery of the photo on Northam's yearbook profile page that showed someone in blackface standing beside another person in a Ku Klux Klan hood and robe. The governor first apologized for the photo, then retracted that apology saying it was not him in the photo and he confused it with the other time he wore blackface for a Michael Jackson contest in 1984, promised to watch "Roots" to educate himself, and has thus far refused to resign.

While Northam pushes back, Fairfax is under increasing pressure to resign over two allegations of sexual assault. I have a lot more to learn.

Northam, a pediatric neurologist, said that he considered quitting, but has decided he's "not going anywhere" because the state "needs someone that can heal" it.

Part of the issue may be that Northam is not the only prominent Democrat in Virginia state government to be hit with allegations of misbehavior. "Lieutenant-Governor Fairfax has suggested and called for an investigation, I strongly support that".

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Northam also made comments in regards to his apparent willingness to kill babies after birth.

"It's obvious from what happened this week that we still have a lot of work to do", he said in an interview with The Washington Post on Saturday. "There are still some very deep wounds in Virginia, and especially in the area of equity", he said.

All three are Democrats.

Both men, who are white, have admitted to wearing a blackface while they were in college.

Mr Fairfax denied the allegations and said he was the victim of a smear campaign.

Democratic Del. Patrick Hope said he wants to introduce articles of impeachment against Fairfax on Monday, but Hope is not a powerful figure in the House and there's little sign there's a broad appetite for impeachment with lawmakers set to finish this year's legislative session by the end of the month.

Following the allegations against Northam, another scandal arose surrounding his Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax.