Grammy-winning producer Ludwig Goransson name-checks 21 Savage on stage

Postado Fevereiro 13, 2019

"Sooo Grammys won't release savages tickets to Savages mom to go to Grammys on his behalf ... that shit insane smh ..." "21 Savage-he should be here tonight". His lawyers point out that, when granted, "the U visa will afford him lawful status in the United States".

His verse did not air during the performance and no one filled in for him.

The only mention of the rapper during the broadcast was by Ludwig Göransson, producer of Childish Gambino's "This is America", who mentioned 21 and discussed his own immigration to the his acceptance speech for Record of the Year.

Instead, he remains in a detention facility in the U.S. state of Georgia. And when they found out he was living here illegally, they chose to detain him.

Officers arrested Abraham-Joseph after discovering his unlawful status because he was in a auto with another rapper who was the target of a criminal arrest.

The attorneys also said ICE was incorrect that Abraham-Joseph has a felony conviction on his record.

But his arrest by ICE and links to the United Kingdom have definitely left people in the city confused.

It's also too convenient that when Abraham-Joseph has been outwardly critical of ICE, all of a sudden the agency realizes that he is not of legal status.

After his arrest, ICE said Abraham-Joseph entered the US legally in July 2005, when he was 12, but has remained in the country illegally since his visa expired in July 2006.

I know that 21 Savage is technically here illegally, but I feel as though people are overlooking all the good that he has done while lving in the States. When people hear his music and see his tattoos and mugshot from 2014, they automatically assume that he's a risky threat and needs to go back to Britain.

According to the New York Times, Abraham-Joseph grew up "in some of Atlanta's poorest communities, [and] had a troubled childhood". Or does his single mugshot outshine that? Over the weekend, Abraham-Joseph's family members posted social media images of dozens of handwritten letters from Atlanta-area school children calling on immigration officials not to deport the rapper.

In the end, Abraham-Joseph should be released by ICE because it seems that ICE only detained the rapper in light of of his outspoken criticism. The rapper is locked in a battle with USA immigration authorities to stay in the US, the country he grew up in.

In the long run, will ICE's deliberate detainment of Abraham-Joseph really accomplish anything?