Measles cases in Philippines still rising - Duque

Postado Fevereiro 14, 2019

The outbreak could be due to the low coverage of DOH's measles immunization program in Region 6 a year ago. It remains a major cause of death among young children despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine.

So far in 2019, outbreaks of three or more cases also have been reported in Texas, New York City and New York's Monroe and Rockland counties. "The lab-confirmed measles is 177 while the measles compatible, meaning those upon diagnosis, is 2,135 and those pending evaluation is 1,939", he said. In Washington, lawmakers heard testimony last week on a bill that would remove the ability of parents to claim personal and philosophical exemptions from the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine for their school-age children.

In the United States, brisk measles activity in the first month of 2019 comes on the heels of 82 imported cases confirmed in 2018, the most imported cases reported to the CDC since the disease was eliminated from the United States in 2000.

"Ang measles virus ay talagang nakakahawa. So if you're not immune, you were not vaccinated, you'll have a 90-percent chance of contracting the disease", he added.

Measles - a disease America had all but eradicated once - continues its steady comeback thanks to parents who believe, despite mountains of scientific evidence otherwise, that vaccines are risky.

"We educate the mothers about the vaccines their children should get and when they should get it". Kon may complication like pneumonia or diarrhea kinahanglan gid makadto sa health center or hospital for prompt treatment. Vaccines are always available.

However, vaccinations can increase herd immunity, a scenario in which enough people get vaccines that it's hard for a virus to spread in a community.

In Toronto, public health authorities last week warned that some travellers through Pearson International Airport on January 27 may have been exposed to measles.

"It is a matter of making sure that they access the resources". Many have been concentrated in Washington state, where the growing number of cases has driven local demand for vaccinesand fueled debate nationwide over vaccine exemptions for non-medical reasons.

"In a health system, we must understand there's a pool of susceptibles and these are the ones in far-flung areas, areas with war conflicts, religions keeping them from getting vaccinated". There are to be dedicated isolation rooms for measles cases, as well as strict implementation of infection control protocols and the immunization of health workers.

Gatchalian, on the other hand, stressed that "vaccination is done continuously in health centers".

"I don't think there was a lack of effort in the government". Measles is a deadly disease, but the vaccine can protect against it. Maggie Fox, writing for NBC, said,"People who are fully vaccinated against measles have very little risk of becoming infected".

Elsewhere, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that it is still deeply concerned about a measles outbreak in Madagascar, and though the full situation is still being assessed, the event has worsened since the first of the year.