Slack dark mode is now available to everyone

Postado Março 15, 2019

After getting admitted to the program, for initiating the beta program, you need to update the app.

As the Verge noted, there's more to Dark Mode than simply dimming the blinding glare of your phone's white screen.

The dark mode feature is increasingly popular. You'll see there's another option, Use my Windows mode, which follows whatever the current Windows OS setting is.

Slack's new dark mode should be a welcome addition for many, but bringing it to the desktop would probably make a lot more people happy.

On dark mode, the individual pixels will do less work in dark areas. It will take a few hours to get admitted to the program after signing up. When your profile appears, navigate to the bottom of the sidebar and select "Settings". The dark mode background since it is either black or grey provides you with a much longer battery life while using that app. Assuming your mobile device is running the app version or later, here's how to enable dark mode in Slack. The good news is that Slack iOS and Android users can access the dark mode feature by joining the program right now.

First, download the latest update from the Google Play Store.

Dark Mode is looking like a possibility for iOS and Android in 2019, and that'll no doubt be a game-changer.

Open the overflow menu by tapping three dots on the upper-right side. You may have noticed it's hidden at the moment-hidden until you send someone, anyone a crescent emoji. Jumping onto the black bandwagon, the chat and messaging tool is embracing the dark side and giving users the option to ramp up the darkness. Facebook says it'll be fully rolled out and added to the Settings menu in the coming weeks. However, the iOS version lets you switch automatically.

For Twitter on the web, just click your avatar picture and then Night mode and you're in.