Jordan Minor Games 'No Man's Sky Beyond' Is Almost an MMO

Postado Março 16, 2019

Sean Murray said that Beyond will make big changes to the game in the same way that the Next content expansion did in summer 2018.

Last year, Hello Games launched NEXT for No Man's Sky, a major update that vastly improved the game in a number of ways.

The first, and only now known component of this update, will be No Man's Sky Online.

At the moment, that's more or less all we know about Online, but Hello says that the changes are in response to the game's Next update, which launched previous year. Not entirely flawless, NEXT doubled down on what made No Man's Sky great and managed to clean up several other niggling issues within the game at the same time.

Since the Next update, players have been able to play online with each other, as they expected to be able to at the game's release.

The Beyond update will actually include more than just a multiplayer update - it will include three updates that were initially due to be released separately.

No Man's Sky: Beyond has been announced, and the first part of this new free update will be No Man's Sky Online.

Many No Man's Sky players hope for one of these two updates to be a VR mode, but nothing has been revealed yet, and more info will be "coming soon".

Earlier this year, whilst working on our roadmap of three future updates, we decided we wanted to interweave their features, and had a vision for something much more impactful. No Man's Sky Beyond is the next chapter in the cosmic adventure, and it should be the largest one yet. It remains to be seen how No Man's Sky: Beyond will affect the game's rather mixed legacy.