Gboard for iOS now has in-app translation capabilities

Postado Março 17, 2019

Google detects the language you are typing in automatically, so simply tap the Google button and then select a language to translate into.

Google's Gboard for iOS can speak a few more languages this week.

Google has finally released an update for its Gboard app on iOS, which brings the translation support to the keyboard app. One option reads "Translate" and has the familiar Google Translate logo.

The translation feature has been available on Gboard for Android since 2017.

Google has added the "Translate" feature on its third-party keyboard - Gboard - for iOS users to allow them to type and translate text into different languages. According to Google Translate website, it supports a total of 103 languages. Users can also manually choose the input language if Google Translate gets it wrong, though the app is often very accurate. Text can be copy and pasted in to be translated. The Translate feature remembers the previous output language, speeding up future translations. The updated Gboard app is now available in Apple's App Store and offers a number of other features that are not available in the stock Apple keyboard, including glide typing.