New Zealand Massacre suspect was gun club member

Postado Março 17, 2019

"Which is why we should be perfectly blunt about what Brenton Tarrant, the 28-year-old monster of Christchurch, claimed to represent, and did and does represent, which is white nationalist terrorism", Dickey wrote.

Britain's security service, MI5, is reportedly investigating the man charged over the Christchurch mosque shootings, looking into possible links to far-right extremists in that country. Most people who radicalise do so with some degree of contact with others who...

Tarrant was believed to have met extreme right-wing groups during a visit to Europe two years ago, security sources told United Kingdom paper The Independent.

At least 49 innocent Muslims were killed on Friday as they worshipped after Tarrant opened indiscriminate fire at two mosques in Christchurch in what a shocked New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern termed as a terror attack.

Tarrant's 74-page manifesto said he first began considering an attack in April and May of 2017 while travelling in France and elsewhere in Western Europe.

MI5 has since launched the inquiry into any links between alleged perpetrators of the Christchurch mosque attacks and members of the United Kingdom far-right, according to The Times.

Tarrant is also believed to have travelled to North Korea, India and Japan.

The massacre is the deadliest attack in New Zealand's history.