Proposed bill would require residents to own AR-15 rifle

Postado Março 17, 2019

A new bill recently introduced in Missouri State House would mandate that every state citizen within a certain age range own an AR-15 style rifle.

A bill introduced in Missouri would require residents to own AR-15 guns. Tax credits would be provided to defray the cost of the weapon.

But Republican state Rep. Andrew McDaniel, of Deering, says he hopes that it and another bill he introduced help to "make a point on mandates in general". The other bill would require everyone who is 18 to 35 years old to have an AR-15.

Under the bill, state residents are given one year to purchase an AR-15 if they do not already own one. The incidents occurred after a House committee heard debate on legislation that would allow concealed weapons in public places that now ban guns.

The legislation comes amid a session in which a top aide to a Missouri state senator was arrested after a loaded gun fell to the floor during a fight at a Jefferson City bar.

McDaniel was elected in 2014 and represents parts of Dunklin and Pemiscot Counties.

But don't go bounding off to the hunting supply store yet: At this point, neither of McDaniel's bills have been assigned a committee, much less scheduled for a vote.

McDaniel, a former sheriff's deputy, simply sees his bills as a way to "get back at them".

In contrast to McDaniel's Militia Act, the handgun-focused bill specifies that Missourians purchase "a pistol, revolver, or other firearm created to be held in one hand that is capable of firing.22 caliber ammunition or larger". (McDaniels' office did not respond requests for comment on Thursday.) Still, we're guessing there are plenty of Missourah Republicans kicking themselves in the holster for not thinking of this first.

"I would never try to mandate anyone do anything against their will", he added.